Thursday, December 11, 2008


Faith hopeless feeling going through my mind less taken from a horror film that makes me suffer and suffer all night long for u my darkness that is taking the curse crossed my heart that doesn't support no more no longuer i have to admit this hopeless is drowning me in the sea of screams silent screams of my soul silent pain my mind is appart my fuckin mind crosses the sky above my eyes and i can't take this no more no more no longer above me no please no ignore me ignore my contorsions of death death's so sweet sweet like honey dont exist no more dont have shame shame on you shame life fuck u life oh life let me close my eyes and be aware of u let me stand here drowing flying away dont be close dont look dont smile and dont even dare to cry...

Friday, December 05, 2008

_The bounds_

Strange feeling comes up to me suddently without reason that i could think of.. something's wrong something's goin' on that pain in my soul that curse in my heart that word unfair and depression above sky... unware of everything i don't know... links without toughts.. feelings just that feelings dark oh darkness sad oh my sadlish evil soul that is drowning in lust.. Now i know...can it be possible can it be...links of the heart...darkness rage hope hope that my bound is fine hell of fine with no pain with no tears with warm heart... i'm here for u i'm here.... i love u, daughter, i love my love is fair my love is true my love is shared by one more souls that are now suffering for know something of u..where are u lost in darkness flower of flames spirit where are u where... a lost soul 4ever marked by the living of that life fuckin cruel life..lost and weak my force comes from the evil my force comes from that light that ignites the sky..take a look...the shinny... is that one looking for u to be safe...come back

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

_sUiCiDe oF ThE sOuL_

Lost in a word of SADNESS
Looking for your touch
Hug Smile Love
Lost for ever in DARKNESS

Bring me to life again
Help me change this feeling of
RAGE helpfull strangeness that
surrenders me appart everything i touch

Lost all that i lost
is know leading me to ANGER
anger wich consomes me
consomes my beeing in totality
nothing's left
nothing's left to love
nothiing's all i am
nothing'g what i became

Born in FIRE
Born in light
living in DANGER
the limit
of this darkness life

Suicide, can i SUICIDE my dreams
cos nothing's gone change
for know

lost in the black ocean of mud
I'm drowning
Can't sleep no longer
can't smile with lightness
can't laught undecover
taking of the mask
i can't no longer persist
i can't move forward
i can't move
Let me stand in here
i'll fly when i have wings to fly
over this

Don't say nothing
don't think
don't jugde
don't be scare of all of this
i don't wanna to scare - or maybe - i want
wanna know why?
Cos i can't support u beside me
i can't stay
i can't be
i can't
need big plastic arms surrounding me
my heart my spirit my beeing
I know that i can't support that
i'll run away for all kind of
love feelings....
This is my CURSE
this is my worst FEAR
this is my MADNESS taken for so long
this is my
all my....
this is my nightmare and dream
put together like twin brothers who can't separate
i know..... i'm running away
i'll be keeping running away
and when i can't stand no more
in the cold floor of HATE
and leaving death takes me away
from here
My madness
I can't surrender now
This is my fuckin curse
Counting starts now ..........10...........9...............8...........
drowning ................. 7.......................6.......................5.............
i can't breathe no more ...............4 ....................... 3....................
sweet darkness ....................2................
TAKE A LAST LOOK...............

Monday, November 24, 2008

_Sweet Madness_

Dear madness i'm listening ur scream calling my name.. rediscovering my insanity found somewhere in this full hell living... I blame blame myself for this uncovering fear that supports me everyday i wake up and listen ur name that sounds me apart.. so sweet integrity and lost the word.. so deep dark love and no shame at all.. i listen ur scream madness of my dream.. come on.. take a look inside of me come on try to discover what feeling i'm talking to come on dear madness i'm sad for u.. don't be shy dont take ur time to fly... run away know from me... dear darkness join us in this hell of a play that sucks and at the same time... bleeds for more. Come with me don't left me alone come with me lets blow of all the worst nigthmares of this damn world come... join madness of fear madness of liars madness of weak madness of all of u that are closed in ur tiny little miserable world that u think is big and shinny.. Join... come play..
with me!



Mão encarcerada que me cerca
e me envolve como um lustre no chão
decadente e vão... frio
arquétipo de ilusão!

Sangue... esse que te corre nas veias
Imersa em cadeias de vimes em putrefacção
naufragas sem paixão como ninguém
ninguém.. te pode acudir agora
ninguém te olhará assim
ninguém passará aqui
contigo sozinho sem mim...

Mão... quente e gélida que se queda
no sonho que outrora foi teu...
Mão que se aproxima e quebra
que não pode mais sobreviver sem ti...

O sangue.... esse que se esvai como água pelo cano
O mito... esse que fugiu de ti como diabo encarcerado no céu
O sonho... pesadelo, abismo, explosão...

Não és nada
és tudo o que foste
Não és nada
és apenas a mão que morreu agarrada à vida
essa desnaturada que te tolhe
a cada dia que passa
e grita o teu nome...

Não és nada... mão morta caída nas fontes da esperança
Não és nada... sangue frio escorrendo pelas escadas da ignorância

Não és nada
és apenas a mão que morreu agarrada à vida
essa desnaturada que te tolhe
a cada dia que passa
e grita o teu nome...

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Angel Curse...........


Looking forward... deep inside the curse.... my eyes suffer with those light inside u... darkest feelings crowd my thoughts... looking like a stranger in a world full of souls undercover, meaningless... blank... my spirit runs... try to escape the fury that covers my heart.. wich bleeds.. scars from rage that surrender me upon u... life.... soul deep in a bottle that is drowning in the ocean... somewhere i can hear u... sometimes i fell ur voice come into my deepest mind... cursed...
Now i'm running again.... my feet turns blood with that scars i kwon so so good.... i can't run no more.... i try. i am trying all the time.... but its too hard.... i can't move now... please don't make me talk.. don't make me look at u... and smile... i'll smile i know.... but my soul is crying.... for so long... dead... wish u where never here....
Now... im going to close my eyes.... slowly... listening the sound of ur heart beating close to mine... i'll try to sleep... tomorow is another day.... another beginning... see u......
in my dreams!
Dark hails,

Wednesday, October 08, 2008



I need some rest... on this darkest hours... some peacefull for my mind who's tormented with such hypocrisy sarcastic life.. My soul is bleeding and i can't move forward now.. need to cure the scars, need to be off everything.. everyone.. don't care, or.. don't pretend to care!!! i don't mind! My spirit is like fénix, rebirth from ashes.. and he is rebirthing.... day after day...- night after night... i'll be over this shadowing that scares me apart, but not death stop me from breathing with those light in my eyes.. not dark or hell beeings scares me no more nor cuts my flesh after struggle.. and i'm in this torment fluent sky above my mind.. scream now and take care... i'll be back!!

Dark gretz from my hell to yours,

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

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Trapped inside my heart... my soul bleeds for peace under the darkest hours of dark pain.. Screams loud and nothing can be listen from those above.. nothing can be heard or told.. nothing can be touch or ended fears. Blame myself for the choices i made for me in this hell of a sentiment that comes above mythical fear... Flesh are weak.. mind was strong with those cares of full madness days and nights that far so far i wonder the death beneaths the sky and climbs the day and suffer the rage of this anger that has no end.. Grudge feelings confusion lost flames hanging around... us.
Stop this nigthmare.. stop this wisdom.. stop my soul for breathing away of no hard felling.... power.. weak... words with no sense at all.. this have only significant eyes for those who's above that ocean i was talking to.. that ocean of life wich struggles to fight... the moonlight that dies in bloody hearts.. strugle, this is a new cicle, this is the end of..... evil after evil thoughts.. hell... oh my god.. hell bounds it all. stop my mind... stop my soul for bleeding in this trapped inside... freedom whispers! seek you...

Thursday, October 02, 2008


The ocean of feelings see me drowning fast above that i can't reach nothing.. Nothing to see or think.. Much to do and dream.. I seek the sky for explanations to my world of dark toughts and there's no answer i could reach.. today i'm drowning like yesterday and the other day.. now i see.. now i can see you... now.. is no longer exist!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Somewhat like thinking

Something's wrong....
I knew
Something's going on
Like an error in the past
in the present make it last
Somewhat's like dirt and flirty and danger house creeping horror
here the last rain follow the darkest sky of heart... my heart that's bleeding and stresses no longer... my heart... broken like a glass in the cold floor... no regrets no hard feelings no pain.. just death psychologycal felling... no sky just moon... no shy just a scream.... hard silent scream... me... just me. waiting no more. Focusing and not trying. Bleeding for what could be.. but leaving past for no more..
i'll wait to see listen be what'll be.. waiting until my last cry dry in this nigth of fullmoon madness...

Sadlish gretz
To u... just remember this... don't remember me!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

The day is out of range...

The days cross over my feet my skin fells under the crave and dark so dark that i can't sleep i can't sleep like i'd slept before you i can't wake up with my heart refreshed like i'd never seen the dark and forever and ever i stop blinking and breath deeply so deep that i cant keep my eyes open and keep my heart without spoken of me i whisper and try to freeze my heart i climb the feelings and i can't over this darkest way of living can i stop my heart for a while can i seek for me in the wild sea of darkness that i am flowing tonight and these days i just can't speak no more can't smile with that looking you know what looking i'm talking to inside scream my soul which lost the word and temper destroy the world of emptyness that i see in the mirror all the mornings and nigths when i fall asleep and cry my soul i left you alone dye tonight in the hands of god and rebirth tomorow seeking for something that refills you but now keep it live it seek this worst cage breathe once more...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nocturnal solitude

Separate by a line
So close and so darkest away
So near that i can't stay
No more
I couldn't stay....
So i run fast... so fast that my feet turns into blood!
For so long time my ashes flamed the pretensious sky
And my heart...?!

Turns into dark light
Until today....

But know i swear
I will try
I will be here
I will not be afraid
I promisse i'll stay...
Don't run away
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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Recados e Imagens - Místicas - Orkut

Today is the day
To start over
To look at yourself
To breath the ligth
To scream out loud
To jugde the angels
To token the death
To dream awake...
Cos the day is to crowd
of slitheryn, of danger, of fear, of dark..
Once more....
Close your eyes... Stay...

A vida é um ciclo que cessa sem parar, e por vezes julgamo-nos tão enterrados em incertezas e desespero que não vemos a saída... Lutamos, esperneamos, estropiamos, gritamos, calamos... e nada muda.
Tudo muda! O universo está em constante mutação... Tudo, mas tudo muda... sem medos. Segue em frente, não olhes para trás, fecha os olhos e confia... que és capaz.
Tudo muda... e nada muda. Segue a linha infindável da vida... pois o fim derradeiro não existe.
Não temas, não chores, não cales essa fúria em teu peito. Destruição... A raiva corroe. Ódio, paixão...
A vida é um ciclo que cessa sem parar. Mutação.
Fecha os olhos... a vida continua!

Moonspell_Scorpion flower

To moonspell and fans
See u... in my dreams!


Keep rollin'

Thursday, August 07, 2008

No words

Quando uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras...

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Recados e Imagens - Góticas - Orkut

Penso que não penso por vezes

Penso que não consigo pensar

Penso que penso mas não sei para onde vou

Penso em mim e em que isto irá dar.

Hoje tive mesmo um dia não - se fosse só hoje - mas mesmo estranho. Não sei que raio de sensação é esta - psycosis - sim.

Quanto mais dor se tem mais dor se sente

Quanto mais dor se sente mais dor nos incutem (pensamos nós)

Quanto mais dor nos incutem mais medo sentimos

Quanto mais medo temos menos reagimos.

Tenho a cabeça feita em água, pensamentos que se dissolvem e atropelam, sem rumo nem nada de específico, sem ter objectivo e sem encontrar a saída. Dispersão, confusão, ausência.

Tudo se há de resolver pelo melhor - penso eu nestes momentos - e entrego o desespero a quem de direito. Tento respirar, tento sobreviver assim. Não me incomodem por favor,não olhem para mim - psycosis - mente repleta de fendas cortantes - não me mexo para não sangrar mais..

Penso que sinto dor e a dor me consome

Quando a dor me consome destruo-me - ou tento

Quando me destruo escuto o som da minha alma

Morte incerta - e

Penso que não já penso

Penso que já não sei pensar

Pior... Penso que já não sou capaz de sonhar

E sem sonho não se vive

Sem sonhos não se vive... assim!

Quanto mais dor se tem mais dor se sente
Quanto mais dor se sente mais dor nos incutem (pensamos nós)
Quanto mais dor nos incutem mais medo sentimos
Quanto mais medo temos menos reagimos.

Fecho os olhos

Suspiro por mais um segundo

Assim... deixa-me estar

Há de passar...

E adormeço sem pensar que estou a pensar

na dor que sinto e que irá terminar

Quando abrir os olhos e vir..

Que afinal tudo não passou de um pesadelo!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My LoVe CuRsE

Penso e não chego a lado nenhum.... Devaneios incessantes sem rumo nem norte. Sigo em frente, passo a passo, e permaneço no mesmo espaço, mas continuo perseverante, desnorteada nesta vida enfeitiçada, sem saber onde chegar nem para onde ir... E fico aqui contigo, sozinha nos meus pensamentos. Leio o teu olhar e sinto que serei capaz... um dia quem sabe!Sem ti... Contigo comigo... Coração... Dilacerado, estropiado pelo sentimento ensanguentado de mim para ti, sem futuro inevitável.. Curse!

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डे एंड निगत फाल्स

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