Wednesday, October 08, 2008



I need some rest... on this darkest hours... some peacefull for my mind who's tormented with such hypocrisy sarcastic life.. My soul is bleeding and i can't move forward now.. need to cure the scars, need to be off everything.. everyone.. don't care, or.. don't pretend to care!!! i don't mind! My spirit is like fénix, rebirth from ashes.. and he is rebirthing.... day after day...- night after night... i'll be over this shadowing that scares me apart, but not death stop me from breathing with those light in my eyes.. not dark or hell beeings scares me no more nor cuts my flesh after struggle.. and i'm in this torment fluent sky above my mind.. scream now and take care... i'll be back!!

Dark gretz from my hell to yours,

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