Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Somewhat like thinking

Something's wrong....
I knew
Something's going on
Like an error in the past
in the present make it last
Somewhat's like dirt and flirty and danger house creeping horror
here the last rain follow the darkest sky of heart... my heart that's bleeding and stresses no longer... my heart... broken like a glass in the cold floor... no regrets no hard feelings no pain.. just death psychologycal felling... no sky just moon... no shy just a scream.... hard silent scream... me... just me. waiting no more. Focusing and not trying. Bleeding for what could be.. but leaving past for no more..
i'll wait to see listen be what'll be.. waiting until my last cry dry in this nigth of fullmoon madness...

Sadlish gretz
To u... just remember this... don't remember me!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

The day is out of range...

The days cross over my feet my skin fells under the crave and dark so dark that i can't sleep i can't sleep like i'd slept before you i can't wake up with my heart refreshed like i'd never seen the dark and forever and ever i stop blinking and breath deeply so deep that i cant keep my eyes open and keep my heart without spoken of me i whisper and try to freeze my heart i climb the feelings and i can't over this darkest way of living can i stop my heart for a while can i seek for me in the wild sea of darkness that i am flowing tonight and these days i just can't speak no more can't smile with that looking you know what looking i'm talking to inside scream my soul which lost the word and temper destroy the world of emptyness that i see in the mirror all the mornings and nigths when i fall asleep and cry my soul i left you alone dye tonight in the hands of god and rebirth tomorow seeking for something that refills you but now keep it live it seek this worst cage breathe once more...