Saturday, April 30, 2011


…I mean I should be here
I should be near
In your arms with feeling
Underground leading the path of uncover
Cast away a dead soul
Grab your pocket of misunderstood
Fulfill the pot of weed
That poison left you behind
The escape of the ending
Turn back and run
Your way leads there
Cold drops in the walls
Falling apart
Flames burning in shadows
Crawling the path
Close your eyes
Leave you there
Breathe in disguise
The tainted mask disappears…

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

follow the tree of you fee…

…and the trigger and the wild
and the gates and burning light
and the storm and the sand
mutation of brainless mutilation scars
brave blood in flames
cold anger in chains
raining drops and poison
flesh reversed touching
nausea burning inside me
floating trees in a house fee
can barely speak or breathe
revenge never win
fit the curse and greed
run in slow motion bleeding feet
roots widowed
candles ashamed
in those spooky cold winter
you called fame
catch a falling angel
rescued from lame
cut the wings let it flow
faces don’t look like you know
faces never seem what you see
faces never will be faces faceless
faces never will be faces
black and white
and life
black and white
one side
colourfull misterions of insight
follow the tree of you fee…

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Waiting for nowhere
lost somewhere
in time
losing my hope
no more shinning eyes
no more cold tears
no more loving ears
no more weak fears
only one word
to disappear

Caught myself
in a dark room
fullfilled with foam
floating and hiding
enthroned yourself
i'll be here
with doors closed
chains in doors
chains in windows
chains in my thoughts
chains above everything i see

Found myself
and disappear from nowhere's land
giving up life
this time...
I lost the fight.


Psychotronic metronic sound
Psuchofeeling hypnotic walls
Psychokiller broken ground

...lay down and relax
this is only auto-wax...



Played dead
      in you head

Gambling with life
      for one more day
          just one more day

without you in my skin...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Simplicity in gestures
blow feelings beside
closed doors inside

a smile a hug a warm loving
shadows appart
sadness in heart
bleeding for a love
that never takes part
of his history

unfold your shame
unfold your proud
unfold your dreams
catch the true means

cut your wings
glue it on
try to fly over the fog
shine over me
screams never heard
shhhh... words dont mean at all
nothing can stop us now
like the fabulous mythic history
the end: live happy ever after.
can you believe it now
like you were a child?
over and out


In my silence
we can make it through
your sadness in my soul
squeletons backside
walking mirrors
broken walls
touching my flesh
means nothing at all...

Blindness comes to me
when thoughts carry on misery
screams about loveless
turn off the lights
truth has never been
never was
never will
be here
or there
or somewhere...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Losing hope should not be fair…

Gathering the skies for an answer
The blue doubts surrounding the fears
Anger in pieces left the weak hours of despair
Losing hope should not be fair.
Here sitting in the clouds
Waiting tears disappear
Crawl back in life
Love should be near…

Slepping pillows and fluffing dots
Weeping eyes and suffering thoughts
Dream with arms wide open
Sweetness should mean take care
Losing hope should not be fair…

Monday, April 11, 2011

...fio de prumo

Queda ascendente...
...traço o rumo
da descida decadente
de um fio de prumo
a vida
loucas tenebrosas paixões
ramificadas no inconsciente
de raças descobertas
na obscura podridão do Ser

Crescem as entranhas
enlouquecendo de dor
rasgam-se pedantes as veias
pútridas sem sabor...

...toques incandescentes
quedam-se no gosto amargo
da palavra oca
réstias de sobrevivência
...à solta!

Made of eviL

Cacos em escolhas obstinadas
nos silêncios desprezíveis calculistas

Rogam-se as pragas
do teu véu encardido
cortado no sangue
do teu pensamento macabro...

Sunday, April 03, 2011

...when you believe more than i do

When you believe more than i do
sit inside the cage of redemption
tears in rage
my own self destruction inflamed
coloring the darkest skies of emotion
low secrecy of distortion
deepest surroundings and self disappearing
turn off the conscience
shinning through daylight of confusion

Missed the point
borrow the name
buried an old feeling ashamed
that’s why my life’s poison
my blood fulfilled in coldness blown
the rising misanthropy of colourfull abortion

me myself and i
counting down again
the days I melted away
in ur cage named heart
cut the wings and fly
fall asleep and cry
without nothing you can’t compare
before and after a love affair
shotgun in my head
hide until you can
be lost and disappear
of nowhere…