Sunday, April 03, 2011

...when you believe more than i do

When you believe more than i do
sit inside the cage of redemption
tears in rage
my own self destruction inflamed
coloring the darkest skies of emotion
low secrecy of distortion
deepest surroundings and self disappearing
turn off the conscience
shinning through daylight of confusion

Missed the point
borrow the name
buried an old feeling ashamed
that’s why my life’s poison
my blood fulfilled in coldness blown
the rising misanthropy of colourfull abortion

me myself and i
counting down again
the days I melted away
in ur cage named heart
cut the wings and fly
fall asleep and cry
without nothing you can’t compare
before and after a love affair
shotgun in my head
hide until you can
be lost and disappear
of nowhere…

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