Tuesday, April 26, 2011

follow the tree of you fee…

…and the trigger and the wild
and the gates and burning light
and the storm and the sand
mutation of brainless mutilation scars
brave blood in flames
cold anger in chains
raining drops and poison
flesh reversed touching
nausea burning inside me
floating trees in a house fee
can barely speak or breathe
revenge never win
fit the curse and greed
run in slow motion bleeding feet
roots widowed
candles ashamed
in those spooky cold winter
you called fame
catch a falling angel
rescued from lame
cut the wings let it flow
faces don’t look like you know
faces never seem what you see
faces never will be faces faceless
faces never will be faces
black and white
and life
black and white
one side
colourfull misterions of insight
follow the tree of you fee…

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