Monday, November 24, 2008

_Sweet Madness_

Dear madness i'm listening ur scream calling my name.. rediscovering my insanity found somewhere in this full hell living... I blame blame myself for this uncovering fear that supports me everyday i wake up and listen ur name that sounds me apart.. so sweet integrity and lost the word.. so deep dark love and no shame at all.. i listen ur scream madness of my dream.. come on.. take a look inside of me come on try to discover what feeling i'm talking to come on dear madness i'm sad for u.. don't be shy dont take ur time to fly... run away know from me... dear darkness join us in this hell of a play that sucks and at the same time... bleeds for more. Come with me don't left me alone come with me lets blow of all the worst nigthmares of this damn world come... join madness of fear madness of liars madness of weak madness of all of u that are closed in ur tiny little miserable world that u think is big and shinny.. Join... come play..
with me!


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