Friday, December 05, 2008

_The bounds_

Strange feeling comes up to me suddently without reason that i could think of.. something's wrong something's goin' on that pain in my soul that curse in my heart that word unfair and depression above sky... unware of everything i don't know... links without toughts.. feelings just that feelings dark oh darkness sad oh my sadlish evil soul that is drowning in lust.. Now i know...can it be possible can it be...links of the heart...darkness rage hope hope that my bound is fine hell of fine with no pain with no tears with warm heart... i'm here for u i'm here.... i love u, daughter, i love my love is fair my love is true my love is shared by one more souls that are now suffering for know something of u..where are u lost in darkness flower of flames spirit where are u where... a lost soul 4ever marked by the living of that life fuckin cruel life..lost and weak my force comes from the evil my force comes from that light that ignites the sky..take a look...the shinny... is that one looking for u to be safe...come back

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