Thursday, February 12, 2009

_The Scr£am_

flaming pentacle

Screams loud and no one can hear the undead souls are awaken from the dawn hearts bleeding and dreaming of false love love screams louder than hell fuckin hell where we belong Strange feeling goes trought my veins and float inside of my mind strange scream that can be no heared dark scream in silence of darkness and hopeless blowen ur evilness with lust and fury and passion and fear. Blood join us in one deep soul one dark energy fire burned somewhere lost in the gates of nightmares my nightmares fullfilled and drowned dreams of beeing awake without u i hold u in my thoughts let u fall in my cuted arms hurted by me by someone beware of me by the spirit of somewhere floating in blood our origin our misery our gold of life then i scream again and u can't listen then i cry the tears of devils and u yes u now see me through my eyes and through my soul cos the moon is to high tonight and i can't get no where out of here out of something meaningless hate u with all my fury hate u with all my darkest luv hate u cos ur not mine and u here inside!

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