Sunday, February 22, 2009


Evil desires sweet harmony of nightmares and deep ugly feeling that shine appart the envy of lust and blood curse which full fill my dream of life. Destruction thinking so deeply and devilish i am afraid of my thoughts my land of hate and cursed evil mind dangerous and peacefull tormented by the feeling of death. take me away take me in take me out dont look at me let me stay let me be here let me be let me... dont toutch me now dont toutch me dont... let me drown in my blood my arms cuted my heart bleeds my mind stoped and blowen up those... danger. be safe, be near, be appart, be away, just be...and stay....look at me now, i want u here see me bleedind till death comes inside me till death sweet death full of darkness of dreams and light... look at my eyes look toutch my soul with ur envy words... let me be here...stare. let me stay...aware. let me be and let me get i am i i will go... stay here...look...stop me for breathing... stop!!! just stay and stare, just look at me, just be aware, carefully, just be here....
Now i am
now i am
in my of life
i am going
just stay
here with no me
here with my soul that is bleeding for ur lust
for ur desire
for ur darkness, ur luv, ur you
dont be scare
dont run away
now know... i'll be with u for ever, cos blood join us, cos blood is life, cos blood joined us like a curse that never tear us appart...

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