Monday, June 06, 2011


a hole empty hole
space between
a bullet empty blowing bullet crashing the sunlight in our crossroads made of sand and dust
floating in the air of perception
hunting bones and shadows desappearing
fake glasses broken and flood meaning
flash fowards goats
milles naked ghosts surrounding death
death surrounding coats rages uncover fears
smiles alike
hugs faking love
dreamless ropes and papers destroyed
words like junk junkies ashamed buried earth
eyes in a pot full of flames burning skyes cutted flesh in pain without pain
unchain the chain
violence in mirrors caught up insane
trace a map
grab your pocket of greed
pearls buried ashes in flames
grab it fake it
miss it run away
once more and more one step by step once more and more again
your fear is my wisdom
my secret desire of truth
hapiness never won in a putrid cake of mistakes so true
holes empty holes between
speakless meaningless like fragile veins bleeding for more
just one more bleeding burning bledding for more just one more one just mute screams for more just one more bleeding burning for more one more fragile
kiss begging to miss it like
...a hole empty hole
space between
you and yourself

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