Sunday, June 19, 2011

...embrace is necessary

...your flesh in my skin underneath bleeding scars
killing myself like there is no heart
struggle for living inside a frame lost in dry tears
cannot follow you appart
just cannot follow you
please go away
please do not stay
in here
can't stand no more
you beside me no more
less fears less tears less love less lies above
what i believe
in me standing in here sitting in the clouds desapearing
like flames in torment
like that night
with you by my side
faking feelings faking the faceless mysterions and shadowing the grave of intention
clap your hands now
just clap and smile
revenge never won the game
bury the soul the love unfold untrue
bury you
today like was no yesterday or tomorrow or never leaving or staying or beeing or saying
say it forever
a word colapsed empire
smashed faces on fire
eat the ashes in cold dreams
can't stand here no more
with you beside me with
...your flesh in my skin underneath bleeding scars.

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